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Happy 3rd Birthday Queen Enya Thea!

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Happy 3rd Birthday Queen Enya Thea!

I never thought that we would be celebrating another one of Queen Enya’s birthdays during a global pandemic, but here we are again.  This past year has been an exciting one for all of us at Winter Kot Siberians though!  Queen Enya blessed us with her second (and last) litter of kittens; there were six babies this time.  Queen Enya was a very good mama and soon the kittens were chubby, sweet, happy, healthy little bobbleheads learning how to interact with everything in the world around them.  Queen Enya was also a very good teacher and all of the kittens are now happy, independent, friendly, sweet, well-mannered kittens with wonderful forever families.  It definitely was a lot of work taking care of six kittens, but Queen Enya handled it with a very high level of dignity and grace that proved she truly is a queen.

Even though she was a very good mama, Queen Enya was spayed a few months ago; after all of her kittens went home.  We made the decision to spay her because she had been slowly, but steadily, losing weight for many months as an unspayed female; no matter what we did to help her gain that weight back.  She also lost her entire ruff while the rest of her hair noticeably thinned out.  Enya’s hormones were just too much for her and it was clear to us that spaying her was the right choice.  

Since Queen Enya was spayed two months ago, she has gained over two pounds!  That is a huge amount of weight for her since it was impossible for her to gain any weight pre-spay.  Her ruff has started to grow back and her overall coat is getting longer and thicker as well.  She is happy, playful, cuddly, and is acting like a kitten again.  The mischievous sparkle is back in her eyes when we find her on top of our refrigerator, our high bookshelves, or our fireplace mantelpiece.  She is playing fetch and catch again, playing with toys, hopping into our laps, helping with chores, trilling, chirping, and finding joy in everything and everyone around her.  

We are very thankful to Queen Enya and our good friends at Kings Choice Siberians for giving us the opportunity to be Siberian breeders, if only for a short time.  Queen Enya blessed us with ten kittens in two separate litters (over two different years) and those kittens are brightening the lives of many people.  We kept one of Queen Enya’s babies and she is a wonderful addition to our family.  We are also very thankful for the awesome families who welcomed Queen Enya’s kittens into their homes.  Those families are providing loving, safe, engaging, happy, healthy homes for Enya’s sweet babies and we couldn’t ask for anything more.

Queen Enya is now retired from breeding, but she will always be a queen to us.  She is already carrying her dignity and grace with her into this new chapter of her life.  We are very excited to see Queen Enya finally develop into her true self and watch her majesty blossom over the next several years.  

Happy Birthday Queen Enya Thea!  We love you!

Photo Credit (first photo): Kings Choice Siberians, Photo Credit (remaining phots): Winter Kot Siberians