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Happy 7th Birthday Nikolai Zinoviy!

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Happy 7th Birthday Nikolai Zinoviy! 

Happy 7th birthday to our oldest Siberian, CFA Grand Premier Nikolai Zinoviy! Nikolai is a stunning cameo (red silver) mackerel tabby Siberian who loves to play with snow, ice, and water; hop into the refrigerator for some nice cool air; climb and jump as high as possible; and run around screaming in fits of drama.

Nikolai was the last kitten in his litter to find his forever home and he had a bit of an “ugly duckling” phase when he was young. Knowing that Siberians take 5 years to fully mature and that this phase would surely pass, we brought him into our home. As we expected, this “ugly duckling” grew into a gorgeous “swan” over the years and surprised many people with his stunning color, perfect build, and long, flowing coat.

Nikolai was CFA’s Best Siberian in Premiership in the Great Lakes Region for the 2017-2018 cat show season. He was CFA’s 2nd Best Siberian in Premiership in the Great Lakes Region for the 2016-2017 and 2015-2016 cat show seasons. At the 2018 CFA International Cat Show, Nikolai was the Second Best Siberian in Premiership (which is the competitive category for all pedigreed breeds of spayed/neutered cats in CFA). Nikolai earned his CFA Grand Premier title during the first 3 cat shows that he ever attended. These are all wonderful accomplishments for a young Siberian in CFA and we are very proud of him!

Happy Birthday to our stunning “swan”, our sweet Nikolai Zinoviy! 

Photo Credits: Winter Kot Siberians