Growing Up

The Awkward Phase

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The Awkward Phase

Many Siberian kittens go through a gangly, awkward phase of development. This is completely normal, but can sometimes cause concern because many people are unaware that this happens.

This golden classic tabby Siberian male arrived home as a super-fluffy, adorable kitten. Then when he was four months old, he shed every bit of his fluffy kitten coat and left his family jokingly asking “Are you sure you are a Siberian kitten?” even though they know that he is definitely a Siberian.

In the second photo, the same Siberian male is four years old and has certainly grown back his gorgeous, golden coat. He is currently six years old and looks even more spectacular. Five years is a long time to wait for a Siberian cat to mature, but it is definitely worth the wait! 

Photo Credit: Winter Kot Siberians