Growing Up

Siberian kitten sitting on a bed


I have a little kitten that keeps attacking my broom. I can’t even sweep part of a room. So I bought a

A Siberian cat with developing coat pattern

Developing Patterns

Did you know that Siberians can take over 5 years to fully mature? Here is just one example of their

Siberian Magazine

Blossoming Colors

Blossoming Colors Siberian kittens truly do take five years to fully mature and many wonderful changes will occur during that

Siberian Magazine

The Awkward Phase

The Awkward Phase Many Siberian kittens go through a gangly, awkward phase of development. This is completely normal, but can

an illustration of a person holding five cats with the caption Cat Mom

Holiday Song

Here’s part of a song I wrote about one of my Siberian kittens.  He loves it when I sing it