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Siberian Magazine Baby Nikolai

Happy 9th Birthday Nikolai Zinoviy!

Baby Nikolai Zinoviy Nikolai – Two Years Old Nikolai Zinoviy – Now Nikolai Zinoviy – Now (Click on the thumbnail

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Happy 5th Birthday Queen Enya Thea!

Baby Enya – Three Weeks Old Baby Enya – Three Months Old Enya Thea – One Year Old Queen Enya

Golden Siberian cat dressed up in a green hat and golden beads for St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

“May your troubles be less. And your blessings be more. And nothing but happiness come through your door.” Quote Credit:

Closeup of a Silver Patched Tabby Siberian with green eyes

Happy 6th Birthday Icelyn Omega!

(Click on the thumbnail to see the larger, complete version of each photo.) Today is Icelyn Omega’s sixth birthday! Icelyn

A newborn kitten sits in front of a white background

Happy 3rd Birthday Persephone Hope!

Baby Persephone Hope Baby Persephone Hope Persephone Hope – Seven Weeks Old Persephone Hope – Four Months Old Persephone Hope

A golden classic tabby Siberian cat sits on top of a desk.

Happy 8th Birthday Aleksei Vasiliy!

Baby Aleksei Aleksei – One Year Old Aleksei – Two Years Old Aleksei – Four Years Old Aleksei – Now

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Mathematically Beautiful Cats

Mathematically Beautiful Cats Siberians have always been regarded as gorgeous cats, but now it has been scientifically and mathematically proven