About Siberian Magazine

Siberian Magazine

Welcome! Siberian Magazine is an online magazine that is created by the people at Winter Kot Siberians and Black Daisy Design. Siberian cats arrived in the USA in 1990, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and we have had Siberian cats as part of our family since 1997. Through Siberian Magazine, we will continue to increase awareness of this majestic, loving cat breed and uphold the standards of the traditional Siberian cat.

Although it looks best on a computer because of the primary layout, Siberian Magazine is fully responsive and will automatically resize itself based on the device that is being used to view it. It works great on tablets and phones, as well as computers, to give everyone a positive experience while learning about the majestic, playful, and loving Siberian cat.

Photo Credit: Winter Kot Siberians