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Welcoming Your New Kitten (Part 1: Getting Ready)

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Welcoming Your New Kitten (Part 1: Getting Ready)

Here are some tips to help make the kitten’s transition to his forever home more peaceful and less stressful. Some advance preparation and home safety updates will ensure that the kitten is safe and comfortable in his new home.  Siberian kittens and cats are mischievous, curious, and friendly.  They will want to explore every inch of their new home. You can minimize the potential risks and dangers for your new kitten by following these simple safety guidelines.

  • Cover electrical cords or remove them from the room.  Siberian kittens like to chew.  
  • Make sure lamps and small end tables will not tip over.  Kittens will jump onto small tables because they like to be as high as possible.  They may accidentally knock off the lamp or other items on the table.
  • Tie up blind cords or use cordless blinds.  Kittens can strangle themselves in the cords from blinds.
  • Remove household plants or move them to a high shelf (with no way for the kitten to climb up to the plants).  Siberians are at home in the wild and are attracted to plants and flowers.  Many household plants are very poisonous to cats (Lilies for example) and should not be in the same house as a kitten or cat.
  • Make sure that all fish tanks have tight, stable covers.  Kittens will want to play in the water and with the fish.  They could fall in and drown.
  • Make sure that high shelving units or bookshelves are stable and will not rock or tip over if the kitten jumps onto them from a running start.  This is a favorite activity of Siberian kittens and cats.
  • Put away your family heirlooms until the kitten gets older.  Siberian kittens are very playful and could accidentally break your beloved treasures just by trying to play with them.  They also like to see things drop and break if given the chance to shove them off of the mantle.
  • Make sure that all fireplaces and wood stoves have coverings that will not allow the kitten to squeeze through and get burned.  The kitten will also need to learn that the fireplace or wood stove is hot and not to go near.  

Photo Credit: Winter Kot Siberians