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Welcoming Your New Kitten (Part 3: Daily Life)

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Welcoming Your New Kitten (Part 3: Daily Life)

Here are some tips to help make the kitten’s transition to his forever home more peaceful and less stressful. Some advance preparation and home safety updates will ensure that the kitten is safe and comfortable in his new home.  Siberian kittens and cats are mischievous, curious, and friendly.  They will want to explore every inch of their new home. You can minimize the potential risks and dangers for your new kitten by following these simple safety guidelines.

  • Siberian cats and kittens love the cold.  They will climb inside your refrigerator if they have a chance.  Always check your refrigerator for the kitten before you close the door.
  • Siberian kittens and cats love to hide in closets, dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, drawers, cubbies, bread boxes, and anything else that they can fit into.  Always check these places before closing them to make sure that the kitten has not snuck into them.
  • Siberian cats and kittens can jump very, very high!  Siberians are often found on top of the refrigerator, on top of a very high bookshelf, or tightrope walking on a curtain rod that is several feet off of the ground.  Make sure that the kitten or cat cannot get hurt if they decide to jump onto something that is very high.
  • Do not get lulled into a false sense of security by thinking that a baby gate will keep a Siberian kitten out or in.  They will climb over, under, or through the baby gate.  They will also push the gate until it tips over so that they can get to whatever it is that you want to keep them out of.  They could get stuck and/or get hurt very badly if this happens.
  • Siberian kittens and cats will run to meet you at the door when you arrive home or when you are going to visit them in their room.  It’s really a great feeling to see them waiting at the door for you!  But, be careful when opening the door so that you don’t hurt the kitten or accidentally let the kitten out of the house.
  • Be careful with Christmas trees, Christmas lights, and other holiday decorations.  Siberian cats cannot resist climbing a tree and they might knock the entire tree over.  They could also get tangled in the lights and strangle themselves.
  • Siberian cats and kittens always want to help their people and spend time with their families.  Spend as much time as possible with your kitten.  He will grow into a loving, friendly, caring cat if he is in a loving home with people that engage him and allow him to participate in their lives.
  • Siberian kittens and cats love to play fetch and run around.  Please play fetch, chase the red dot, or another running game with them.
  • Siberian kittens and cats are very, very smart!  Do not underestimate them!  They can turn on faucets, open doors, open cupboards, turn on computers, take selfies, turn on the TV, and more.  Sometimes baby locks are necessary on kitchen cabinets because Siberian cats can open the doors, including the cupboards with all of the household cleaners.
  • Siberian cats mature very slowly.  They take five years to fully mature.  Keep this in mind when the kitten or young cat is being extra curious or mischievous.
  • Siberian cats are playful throughout their entire lives.  Continue to play with them and involve them in your daily routines throughout their entire life.  They will be happy to spend time with you and “help” you with whatever you are doing.  You will have many very happy years together!

Photo Credit: Winter Kot Siberians