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Making Sure the Hair Tie is Close By

Siberian Magazine

His tail is swishing ready to attack!

All tired out from playing. It’s right where he will find it when he wakes up.

We have lots of cat toys. Balls of all shapes, sizes and materials, springs, mice, catnip filled toys, toys for rabbit kicking, toys on sticks…you name it we have it.

Norman found my daughter’s rabbit fur hair tie and thinks it’s the best toy ever created, and hasn’t touched any other toy since he found it. He spends hours playing fetch with it and loves catching it and bringing it back, even though it’s hard to throw. He will toss it up in the air himself and jump to catch it. He eats with it, he sleeps with it, in short, he loves it. My daughter has resigned herself to the fact that the hair tie is no longer hers, but Norman’s.

We have to take it away at night, otherwise we are woken up around 3 am with Norman dropping the hair tie on our chest and he’s ready to play. Good thing he is so cute!

Story Credit: Norman’s Family, Photo Credit: Norman’s Family (Shared with Permission)