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Happy 8th Birthday Aleksei Vasiliy!

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Today is our golden classic tabby Siberian’s eighth birthday! Baby Aleksei is a very sweet and loving, gorgeous boy with a deep, loud purr that rumbles through the house like a freight train, complete with the squeaks and clanks that you hear when a train goes by.  Even though he is built like a tank, his favorite thing to do is to climb up onto our laps for a nice long chin and cheek rub.  He purrs and rumbles the whole time that he is on our lap.

Aleksei thought his name was “Baby” for the first several months. We would say “Oh baby, you are so bad!” softly to ourselves whenever he was naughty. Well, Aleksei heard that so much that he only would respond to “Baby” and he had no idea that his name was actually Aleksei. In order to teach him his actual name, we started to call him Baby Aleksei. He now knows that his name is Aleksei, but he seems to prefer Baby, and we are fine with that.

Happy Birthday Baby!  We love you!