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Happy 6th Birthday Icelyn Omega!

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Today is Icelyn Omega’s sixth birthday! Icelyn is our beautiful silver torbie (with white) Siberian female from Poland. She has gorgeous green eyes that sparkle like gems and a very fluffy coat!
Since Siberians are cold-weather cats, we have “fresh air time” every day, where we open the windows and the front door, no matter what the weather is like. Icelyn is the first cat to run to the screen door and the last to leave. For her birthday, the door and windows were left open an extra long time and the house filled with crisp, cold air. Icelyn was also given the gift of a beautiful morning snowfall to enjoy on her birthday while the windows and doors were open. Puurrrfect!
Happy Birthday Icelyn Omega! We love you!
Photo Credits: Winter Kot Siberians