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Happy 3rd Birthday Persephone Hope!

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Happy 3rd birthday to Persephone Hope!  Persephone was one of the kittens in Queen Enya’s first litter and was born during the global pandemic.  Persephone was named after the traits of persistence, perseverance, and hope; which all perfectly suit her.  She is a gorgeous silver classic patched tabby (torbie) with white who takes after her mama, Queen Enya Thea, in a lot of ways.  Like her mama, Persephone is a happy, healthy, sweet cuddle bug who is quick to jump on an available lap, chase/fetch a ball, play with toys with her fury friends, and (unfortunately) roll around in a pile of litter that she throws out of the clean litter boxes.

Persephone brings us a lot of happiness with her silly antics and sweet nature.  She has a peaceful way about her that extends to everyone around her.  She will happily snuggle with us for hours at a time and is often found in the middle of the bed lying on her back with her arms over her head “flying” like Superman in her sleep.  Persephone doesn’t want to get out of bed in the morning and must be picked up and carried out while she quietly protests.  However, once she sees her breakfast, she’s good to go!

Happy Birthday Persephone Hope!  We love you!

Photo Credits: Winter Kot Siberians