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Happy 5th Birthday Queen Enya Thea!

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It’s hard to believe that Queen Enya is 5 years old already! Over the past few years, Enya has truly blossomed and has become part of our Siberian pack. It took her longer than usual because of her short time as a breeding queen and her associated health issues (all fine now), but she is now a happy, healthy, sweet cuddle bug who is the first to jump on an available lap, chase/fetch a ball, play with toys with her fury friends, and (unfortunately) roll around in a pile of litter that she throws out of the clean litter boxes. Enya Thea has also taught her daughter, Persephone Hope, to do all of these things (including the litter thing), so we have some fun times in our household.

Queen Enya doesn’t like to have her picture taken, so I’m posting one new photo that I took when she didn’t notice. In the picture, Queen Enya is on my lap snuggling with her daughter, Persephone Hope. Queen Enya is in the bottom of the picture, with Persephone in the top. This picture was taken in October of 2023, so the girls both have much longer Winter coats now and are both super fluffy. Queen Enya also has a brand new pink blanket that she is currently spending her birthday sleeping on and rolling around on with her furry friends.

Happy Birthday Queen Enya Thea!  We love you!

Baby Princess Enya on the Ride Home (video)

Photo Credit (first photo): Kings Choice Siberians, Photo Credit (remaining phots): Winter Kot Siberians