Is My Cat a Siberian?

Siberian Magazine Nikolai Dragon

This question comes up often. If you aren’t sure, and you need to ask if your cat is a Siberian, then the answer is most likely no. Some animal shelters say that many of their longhaired cats are Siberians or Maine Coons because those breeds are popular and, with those labels, the cats will be adopted sooner. However, in most cases, this label is incorrect. In addition, many longhaired stray cats that are, or have been, living outside in adverse conditions are also labeled Siberians or Maine Coons. Siberians are built to live outside in extreme conditions, so there is a chance that the stray cat living outside could actually be part Siberian. But, are these cats ever fully (purebred) Siberian? In most countries, they are not. In Russia, they definitely can be because many purebred Siberian cats live outside in Russia.

Here are just a few reasons why most shelter cats and stray cats are not Siberians:

  • Purebred Siberian cats are registered with an established organization dedicated to the preservation and welfare of all cats. If your cat does not have official registration paperwork stating that they are a purebred Siberian from one such organization, then they are not a purebred Siberian.
  • Purebred cats (all breeds) very rarely end up in animal shelters. If a purebred cat cannot be cared for anymore, they are returned to the breeder that they came from. If this is not possible for some reason, then they are sent to a rescue organization/rescue network that specializes in finding homes for purebred cats.
  • Purebred Siberian cats are very expensive. The average cost for a pet-quality, purebred Siberian kitten is $1,500.00 USD – $2,500.00 USD. Show-quality and breeding-quality Siberians can cost up to $4,000.00 USD.
  • Reputable Siberian breeders have lengthy waiting lists. A person who wishes to welcome a Siberian cat into their home will need to wait several months, and sometimes over a year, to bring their kitten home.

Does it matter if your shelter cat or stray cat is not a purebred Siberian? Of course not. All cats are wonderful and deserve to be loved, regardless of their breed.

Photo Credit: Winter Kot Siberians